The Woolcock Institute of Medical Research is one of the largest sleep clinics in the world and the home to over 200 researchers, clinical professionals and specialists including Delwyn and Liora. They are world leaders in the area of sleep research, clinical diagnosis and treatment and follow the full life spectrum from children to adults. Delwyn and Liora conduct their research out of the Woolcock Institute as well as treating patients with mental health issues and sleep disorders in the Woolcock clinic. If you would like to be involved in research or would like to see a sleep specialist, please click here.

The University of Sydney is ranked in the top 50 universities worldwide. Liora is currently completing her Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Psychology at the University of Sydney. Delwyn has been working with the Sydney Medical School for over 20 years and is now a clinical associate professor.

Many are already familiar with Bupa's health fund, but did you know, they also fund research! Currently, Bupa funds research across dementia, alzheimers, cancer chemoprevention, HPV vaccinations for adolescents and much more. Of course included in the mix is the study run by Liora and Delwyn investigating an early sleep intervention to reduce sleep problems and improve mood in expectant first time Mums. For more information on Bupa's research contributions, click here.


Sleep is a field that often requires integrated expertise. Integrated Sleep Health is a team of sleep physicians, doctors and psychologists who work together to treat patients. They have practices in the city and Bondi Junction. For more information, please visit their website

Professor Ron Grunstein is a consultant physician with over 25 years of experience in clinical practice and sleep disorder research. He is a Professor of Sleep Medicine at the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research and University of Sydney, and a Senior Staff Specialist at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Delwyn began working with Prof Grunstein when he supervised her for her PhD almost 20 years ago. They work on many projects together and have published numerous research papers together. If you think you might have a sleep disorder and would like to see specialist Prof Ron Grunstein, please click here.

The Centre of Integrated Research and Understanding of Sleep (CIRUS) is an interdisciplinary centre of clinical research excellence funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council over 5 years. It involves a team of international doctors and psychologists, with a common aim of improving sleep research. Delwyn is an Associate Professor for the organisation and Liora received a 2 year scholarship from CIRUS in support of her PhD project.

The nurses and midwives at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Maternity ward have been extremely supportive and helpful towards our study looking at sleep in pregnancy and postpartum. They assisted in recruitment and informed their prenatal classes of our services. The midwives at RPAH are kind people and wonderfully passionate midwives. We are extremely grateful to them.

PANDSI is a community based non-government organisation that provides support to families in the Australian Capital Territory.  It is primarily funded by ACT Health. PANDSI also holds information evenings and continuing education programs for local nurses and midwives. Their most recent keynote speaker was Liora.

Sutherland Early Support Service aims to help provide assitance in the form of social support, a food pantry or skills to families living in Sutherland Shire who have been recognised as needing extra support. This may include mothers with premature babies, multiple births, young children or financial difficulties. Delwyn works closely with the group to ensure quality treatment for patients.


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